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How to Get Out of a Scandal-Riddled Office Job

The latest scandal to engulf the White House came to light this week when the FBI said it was investigating the office of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway.The bureau also announced that it is conducting a “civil rights investigation” of Conway and former deputy chief of staff Reince Priebus.Both have resigned from their posts.Conway and […]

How to audit a Drupal audit number

The Drupal audit system can be used for any purpose, but the most important thing you should know about it is that it doesn’t provide any kind of audit protection.It’s really only useful for security purposes and to determine what’s in a Drupal project, such as the source code, the modules, the configuration, etc. The […]

How to Become a Naked News Audition Source National Review

Naked News: What You Need to Know about Auditions for a Career as a Naked Reporter article The National Review, the publication of conservative and libertarian publications such as The American Spectator and the Weekly Standard, recently published an essay by one of its authors, David Horowitz, titled, “Why the Left is so concerned with […]

How to audit an audit nightmare

When you’re in the process of preparing an audit report, you’re bound to encounter some issues.You might be tempted to make a few changes to your work-from-home setup, such as moving your laptop to a separate desk.But that’s not always the best idea.“When auditing, you should always have a backup of all your work documents […]

 New job at Disney auditions

 In the early days of the Disney auditions, it was an entirely different beast.You went to the auditioning studio, and you had to wait.There was a line that stretched for blocks.You had to put your hand up, and it was a choreographed sequence that went on for a minute.Now, it’s much less choreographed.I can see […]

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