On Wednesday, the social media company YouTube announced it would be opening up an audit tool for its content owners.

YouTube’s announcement follows the social-media watchdog’s announcement of an audit into its ad tech, which had previously been blocked due to an audit.

The new tool, which is only available to video creators, will allow them to submit their audit report and YouTube will take a look at the report.

It will also provide a link to a link that will allow creators to upload their audit, which will be public for at least 30 days.

The video-sharing site is currently being audited by Google, which has been working with social media companies like Facebook and YouTube to make sure ad tech is up to code.

But YouTube says it has also started an audit with Facebook, which also wants to make a change to its ad-tech.

“In the past, it was difficult to do a video audit because you were a video creator,” said Brian Gaudet, senior vice president of YouTube’s video division, in an interview with The Verge.

“With social media, we want to make it easy and easy to do an audit.”

Gaudet said the social network’s audit was more like a checklist than a process.

“There’s a checklist, but then we also want to give people a sense of how important they are to the company,” he said.

“And then there’s a way for people to interact with those and help us understand the issues and the concerns and the questions that we have with the product.”

The new audit tool is available to creators, as well as video creators and social media partners, to submit.

The tool will also give creators a way to share the audit, and the video company will share the link.

YouTube has been in talks with social-networking companies like Twitter and Instagram about an audit of their ad tech in recent months.

Twitter recently started a new internal audit of its ad platform, which includes both video and social-video partners, and has been using a tool called the AdSense Platform Audit, which allows users to submit a report of their video ad tech performance.

YouTube has been a vocal critic of social-sharing companies, and it has previously blocked the platform for two years due to a social-audit audit.

“This audit is not an audit for YouTube,” Gaudett said.

YouTube does not own the ads on social media platforms, and they’re not subject to YouTube’s editorial policies.

“It’s a tool that we’re trying to help people do better,” he added.