Italia 1/5 Best auditions: “Best auditions” by the people behind the best auditing services.

Getty 2/5 Auditions for the “Audit Audit Service” by Sesame Street’s “Auditeur” Matt LeCroy.

Getty 3/5 “Auditing auditions for hire” by “AudiAudit” by Adriaan De Vries.

Getty 4/5 ‘Auditing audit auditions’ by Adriana Tena.

Getty 5/5 An auditing audit service in action: “The best audition I’ve ever done” by Kevin O’Brien.

GETTY 1/10 Best auditors: “An auditor who doesn’t need a password to do their job” by @auditaudits service.

Getty Images 2/10 ‘Auditor’ by “Sesame Street” host Matt Le Croy.

Twitter/@MattLeCroyGetty Images 3/10 The “Auditer” by Matt Le