Paul Potzts audition is up on the website, and the first part has now been submitted for the next audition. 

It was submitted on September 4, but the final vote has been posted a few hours later.

The audition is part of the Auntie Bee’s The Most Perfect Job in the World TV series.

Potts is currently starring in the BBC1 show The Wedding Crashers. 

The Aunts’ Totally Not Funny series also stars him.

It is the first time the actor has appeared on the audition website.

Potts has a history with TV, having been cast in The Voice, Doctor Who and DoctorWho, as well as Babylon 5.

He also has a recurring role on Sherlock. 

This is his first time appearing on the audition site.

He is known for his quirky, and occasionally risqué, style.

He is known as the man behind the mask, and he often wears it for comedic purposes.

Potzts has appeared in the Terrace House, A Very Scottish Christmas, Songs of Innocence, The Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Sherlocks, Dr Who, Black Mirror, American Horror Story, Star Trek, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, and The Simpsons.