Peridots are auditioning for their upcoming NFL team.

The Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles are among the teams that are auditing their players’ finances, per an NFLPA document. 

The document, which was first reported by ESPN, lists the auditing companies as CVS Health, EconoLogic, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. 

If the Ravens or Eagles fail to meet the minimum standards, the teams can seek to revoke their franchises’ franchise tags.

Peridots coach Mike Priefer said Thursday he doesn’t think his team will be audited, per a statement on the Ravens’ website.

Priefer called the process a “fiasco” that “is going to cost us.”

“We’re going to make sure that every single penny of it is spent on the Peridot team,” Priefers statement said. 

“We’ll be the first ones to take care of that.” 

In a statement, the Ravens and Eagles said the process will be conducted “without regard to the privacy rights of our players or the financial interests of any team.”

“The NFLPA and its members are not interested in the specifics of any NFL team’s financial affairs,” the statement said, adding that they are “working to provide the fullest transparency possible” regarding the process.

The Ravens and the Eagles declined to comment.