An online search for “ghostbusters” on Amazon will bring up over 5,000 results, and as a result, some readers are wondering what the auditioning process is for the upcoming film.

While it is currently unknown how many people will be required to be on the movie’s cast for the entire run, it is expected that the cast will be mostly in their twenties, which would mean the majority of the film’s cast will have at least a high school education.

However, the casting process is a little different from other film production companies, as the actual auditioning takes place in a small room, in which each member will take part in a scripted portion of the script.

The scriptwriters will then select the candidates for the role, and then each person will be asked to sign a form that outlines the requirements for the film, such as being able to read and write, be able to speak English and have a high IQ.

“The casting process of this movie is really different,” said Shrikant Mishra, the actor who plays the role of the titular “Ghostbuster” in the upcoming sequel, which is slated to be released in 2019.

In his own words, “I had to sign an interview document that I didn’t even know what I signed, I was signing this blank document, and my name was written on it,” he said.

The actor added that he is “really excited” about the opportunity to play the role.

“It will be a really interesting experience for me to learn the language of India and be a part of this story,” he added.