A video that went viral this week shows a mom trying to get a phone call to call a Big Brother auditing company.

The video was posted to Facebook by a viewer of the video, who said she’s a big sister and she saw it while watching her niece who is a member of the Big Brother cast.

“I saw it on the news, so I was like, ‘Oh my God, what happened?’ and then I saw it in the news and it’s just, like, really creepy,” she said.

“It’s just really weird, like this whole scenario where they’re auditing their kids.

It just sounds so creepy.

I mean, it’s a Big Brothers, it really is.

It’s just just weird.”

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“So you guys, like what’s up with the auditing?” asked a woman as she sits in a chair next to the woman’s niece.

“Well, it depends what the auditors are doing, so that’s the question,” she responded.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” the woman replied.

“What’s the auditer’s name?” the woman asked.

“They’re called auditors, right?” the viewer replied.

The woman asked what was the name of the auditor who came in and did the audit.

“She’s called auditing, right?

And the auditions are basically, like they do an audit on the kids, you know,” the viewer said.

“And you know, I’m like, wow.

I can’t believe that this happened.

I think this is a real scam.”

The woman said she watched the video and called audits companies for herself and her family.

“How can I find out if that’s happening?” she said as she looked for auditing companies.

“I can’t find a place to go for an audit, so if I don’t go there, they’ll probably do an auditing.”

The Big Brother viewer said she was contacted by the Big Brothers network.

“We had a call from the Big Boys and the Big Boy, and we said, ‘This is a really weird story, and how can we help?'” she said, adding she did not know if she would have to go through a Big Boy.

“So they said, you’ve got to call the Big Girl.”

The network told CBC News it is investigating the incident.

“Big Brother and its affiliates are dedicated to ensuring that we and our viewers are protected, that our parents and grandparents are safe and that our children are protected,” a statement from the network read.

“Any complaints about Big Brother or Big Girl should be directed to the Big Girls, who are available to provide advice.”

The program airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the Big Network.