The spanish version of email service Lavabit, which was shut down earlier this year, may be the best place to keep your email safe, according to a new study.

According to research by researchers at Oxford University and MIT, a spanish alternative email service called Sputnik, which is based in Spain, is the best for keeping your emails secure.

The researchers said the spanish service Sputniks email service is very secure, especially for people using mobile phones.

They also said Sputnik is very easy to set up and use.

A review of Lavabit and Sputnicks email services found that people who use them to send and receive email should use a free account.

However, the researchers said users with expensive email accounts should consider paying for an account if they have a higher risk of spam.

“The Sputnick service is more secure than Lavabit in the following respects: (1) It is not available to the general public, (2) it requires users to download an app and install a web browser, and (3) it is not tied to any of the main providers of email services,” the researchers wrote in a blog post.

“However, Sputnoks is not free, as it costs €2.99/month for the account to use it, or €3.99 for the premium account to get access to more advanced features such as email backups.”

They added that the free account is the most secure, as you are required to pay for a dedicated server to store your emails.

They said if you choose to pay, you should always check if your email provider will honor your payment request.

In the study, researchers also looked at how many emails a user sends in each month and how many spam emails they receive in each day.

The study found that users of Sputnyks email account received an average of 1.4 spam emails per day, or 1.9 emails per week.

Users of Spudnik, meanwhile, received an email every 20 minutes.

Sputnik is a free email service, which can be used for free to send, receive and manage email messages to anyone in the world, including members of the UK government, the military, or the British Parliament.

However, it does not encrypt the emails it receives and is therefore a great place to send spam.

In fact, researchers said they were surprised to see how many people use Sputniaks email.

Spatniks users who had high levels of spam also sent the most emails in a given month.

“We did not find any significant difference in spam levels among users with and without SputNik accounts,” the authors wrote.

The researchers noted that if users want to protect themselves against email spam, they should not use the free email provider Sputnet.