An audit can take up to five years to complete, but many companies that hire auditors say it’s worth it to have someone ready when the time comes.

Read More >”It’s a big step in the right direction to make sure that you are prepared to do your part,” said Brian Giese, who founded and leads an auditing firm called Social Audit.

Giese is also the CEO of the auditing startup Audite, which focuses on social and governance practices.

The company has been in business for a little over a decade.

“It is important to have the right people at the right place at the correct time, to be able to make that call,” he said.

Audit work is also a way for companies to avoid some of the pitfalls that can arise when hiring a contractor, Giesesaid.

“The biggest issue with contractors is they tend to be more focused on the financial than the quality of the work.”

Companies are increasingly using a third party to audit projects, such as a business partner or a social audit firm, to ensure compliance, he said, noting that companies that have such auditors will typically get a better score than those that don’t.

Audite has a reputation for providing a good audit experience.

It’s a business that has done a good job with its audits, Giede said, citing the firm’s audit of an American Airlines pilot who was flying from Dallas to Honolulu.

“If they had done their job correctly, they would have had a score that would have been far better than what the airline actually gave them,” he added.

Read moreThe company’s audit was also positive.

“We got a score of 100% on the pilot’s record, which is good,” Gieseg said.

The pilot’s account manager, for example, got a 95% score, according to Giesekes data.

Auditors also need to be good at managing the project.

In a 2016 audit of a healthcare software company, Gives said, a team member was responsible for reviewing and reviewing and also making sure they were all doing their jobs, even though they were on different teams.

“This is not an issue if they have the appropriate level of supervision,” he noted.

Audits are also important for companies that are transitioning from a human to a software platform.

“Companies that are going to be transitioning to a new platform will need a full audit,” Giedesaid, pointing out that most companies are transitioning to cloud-based systems.

The company is also working on ways to get auditors to work with employees.

“Our team has become pretty good at finding the right match between people and auditors,” Giee said.

Companies that hire contractors can use the company’s Audite platform to review a project and assign a score to a person’s work, so that the score can be shared with the auditors.

This helps to prevent the project from becoming a “black box,” Giefesaid., which has a number of audit services that have been built specifically for auditing.

Giesheve also built an audit app that works with different kinds of clients, including a social auditing company that audits a high-end fashion brand, an online video game company, and a healthcare technology company that is currently hiring an auditor.