Posted August 12, 2018 08:30:20A couple weeks ago, Blizzard announced a number of major changes to Diablo 3, the latest of which is the introduction of a new Diablo 3 character and new class, Diablo 3 Diablo 3.

The new character, called Diablo 3 the Demon Hunter, has an armor set, armor set bonus, and a weapon set bonus.

Diablo 3 is set to be a completely different game from its predecessor, Diablo 2.

While Diablo 2 was an MMO game, it had the most content of any Diablo game, with over 300 new content types.

Diablo 2 had a huge number of maps, each with their own unique mechanics and challenges.

Diablo 1, on the other hand, had almost no content.

Diablo has a new class and class changes, and some of the biggest changes in Diablo 3 are the new character classes.

Diablo was originally a role-playing game, which means that the player could either play as a character of one of three classes, or a character with a specific skill set.

The Diablo series is a series of role-play games where players play characters from different classes.

The game is so popular that Blizzard has even released a series called the Diablo 3 expansion pack, which allows players to play as characters from a variety of classes.

There are also several new characters that players can choose from.

Diablo players can play as the Demon Lord, or as a Barbarian.

Diablo player can play the Crusader or the Witch Doctor.

Diablo is the first game that Blizzard published since 1998, and the company has been trying to make the game more accessible to players for some time.

Diablo III will not be the only Diablo game to have a new character class.

Blizzard also announced a few other changes to the Diablo series.

The first was the introduction to the Demon Huntress, which is a class that players were able to unlock in Diablo II.

In addition to being a class, the Demon Hunters have a skill called Demon Focus, which grants a bonus to the player’s damage and defense.

This skill will be added to Diablo III.

The second major change was the re-introduction of the Black Knight, who was a class featured in Diablo III and was a playable character in Diablo 1.

The Black Knight is now an optional class, which players can unlock by defeating bosses in the game.

The player can also earn the Black Knights Legendary skin, which unlocks the Black knight’s Blackheart armor set.

Players can also unlock a Black Knight skin through a challenge.

This skin gives the player a bonus attack power and defense, and will also give them access to the Blackheart class passive.

The third major change to Diablo is that the Demon Slayer class will not appear in the Diablo III expansion pack.

This class will only appear in one of the expansions, titled The Burning Crusade.

This expansion will be released in November 2018.

Diablo fans will be happy to know that the game will feature new monsters that can be found in the Burning Crusade expansion.

These monsters will be unique and not simply re-skinned versions of existing monsters.

They will be creatures that players will encounter in the expansion, as well as new weapons and armor.

The last major change in the new game is the new class.

The Demon Hunter will be an entirely new class in the upcoming expansion.

The demon hunter is a powerful class that focuses on defense.

The main reason for this is that they do not have any other skills or abilities besides the main skills and abilities.

The class can be unlocked through the game’s difficulty levels, and players will also be able to earn the Demon hunter’s legendary skin.

The next major change that Blizzard is making is the reworking of the Demon Master.

The current Demon Master was an incredibly powerful character that was a strong tank.

The changes to this class will give the player more control over the demon hunter and make them stronger against melee classes.

For example, players can use the Demon Hand to deal damage, but this can also be used to attack the opponent.

Players will also have a much better ability to heal themselves, so the Demonmaster will be much more useful for healing and damage mitigation.

Lastly, the new Demon Hunter class is being redesigned.

The most important changes in this class is the addition of a passive ability.

The passive ability is called the Death Knight’s Bloodlust.

The Death Knight can cast a special ability called the Soul Reaver, which will grant the player two temporary bonuses to their health and damage.

Players that have completed the new quest line will receive this passive ability and the Demon Knight will now gain an additional passive ability that will grant a permanent increase to the damage that he deals to enemies.

Players who have completed The Burning Crusader and have played through all the content in The Burning Crusades will also receive the Death Knights Bloodlust passive ability as a reward for their efforts.

This new class will also not be able or willing to use the weapon Deathforge.

The only way that players are able to use this class to