The K-pop audition has become a fixture in many Korean bars, restaurants, and homes over the past year, and it has now become a popular pastime among K-Pop fans in Japan.

This week, K-Rock band Big Bang and Korean pop star Yoon Ha Ji will both perform in Tokyo.

Big Bang’s song, “Sukko,” is a song about a woman who has been having an affair with a Japanese pop star, and the singer’s song lyrics are a reflection of the fact that she is in love with a man from another culture.

As Big Bang prepares to leave Japan for Japan, Yoon will perform a song from her debut album, “Korean Girl,” to the crowd.

In the video, Yoo Ha Ji sings the song with Yoon as they walk to a sushi restaurant, and when the singer looks down, Yooka sees her, smiling at her.

Afterward, the two share a kiss and the song ends.

Yoon, who will be performing on the show, is the only performer who has not yet performed on an anime or live show in Japan, but Big Bang will also have Yoon.

As K-Stars go to the audition to audition for Big Bang, Yoons fans have become the most fervent.

In Japan, they have become known as the “Yoon-Hee-Yoon Girls” for their love for Yoon and her love of K-Radio.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Yool Jae Ho, the co-founder of YoonHee, told the interviewer that fans of YooHa, the K-Love-Radio-Style artist, have been extremely supportive.

The KH1 interview with YooHee’s founder, YHoo, was first published on April 17, 2018.