If you’ve ever had a travel audit meme made, you know how much fun it is to have them pop up on your Facebook feed.

The most common one is when you hear a travel agency or airport asking you to take a selfie with them.

But there are many other ways to make your own travel audit photos.

Here are 10 different ways you can use them for a fun and informative trip, as well as a little bit of inspiration.1.

The travel agency has a travel photo of you2.

The airport has a photo of your passport3.

A travel agency is offering a free trip to your favourite beach resort4.

A company is offering free accommodation in their hotel or a nearby resort5.

A restaurant is offering you a free meal6.

A hotel or motel is offering accommodation for free7.

A barber is offering haircuts8.

A local tourist agency is advertising free activities for you9.

A business is offering discounts on your trip10.

A website is offering advice on travel tips or events to consider.1) A travel photo from your passport2) A photo of a travel agent3) A hotel photo4) A beach resort photo5) A barbers shop photo6) A tourism agency is running an audit event7) A restaurant has a free breakfast8) A local business is looking to hire you for a job9) A company in a travel guide is offering discounted accommodation for a small business10.

A local business in a guide is advertising a discount on a trip11.

A travel agency in a business guide is promoting a discount or free trip12.

A tourism office in a tourist guide is hosting an audit seminar13.

A hotel is offering to book you a room for a free night14.

A tourist office is offering special deals for your visit15.

A vacation agency is promoting an audit on your next trip16.

A trip planner is offering tips on your vacation17.

A bookkeeper is looking for bookings for your next visit18.

A booking agent is looking at your bookings19.

A wedding venue is looking into your wedding20.

A car rental agency is looking after your car21.

A clothing store is looking out for your wardrobe22.

A salon is looking through your hair products23.

A fashion designer is looking in your wardrobe24.

A hair stylist is looking over your makeup25.

A personal trainer is looking up your workout program26.

A chiropractor is looking under your ribs27.

A massage therapist is looking down your spine28.

A gym teacher is looking around your workout equipment29.

A hairstylist is checking your hair30.

A hairdresser is checking the length of your locks31.

A tailor is checking up on the fit of your hair32.

A cosmetologist is checking out your hairstyle33.

A nail technician is checking on the quality of your nails34.

A beauty salon is checking all the different styles you have already tried35.

A stylist looks over your nails36.

A skin care professional is checking how your skin is looking37.

A dermatologist is looking outside your eyes38.

A makeup artist is checking everything you’re wearing39.

A tattoo artist is taking a photo for you40.

A bodyguard is checking to see how long your arms are41.

A lawyer is checking for criminal history and insurance42.

A pharmacist is checking a prescription for you43.

A dental assistant is checking whether you have any allergies44.

A funeral director is checking what kind of funeral your loved one will be attending45.

A doctor is checking with a medical professional46.

A social worker is checking about the funeral arrangements47.

A family planning clinic is checking health plans48.

A fitness trainer is checking fitness plans49.

A yoga teacher is checking if you’re fit50.

A pet care professional checks your health and is checking allergies51.

A spa owner is checking that your pet is safe52.

A dietitian is checking nutrition of the animals they are working with53.

A dog trainer is running a physical exam54.

A photographer is taking photos of the pets they are looking after55.

A school nurse is checking an ultrasound examination56.

A housekeeper is checking air quality57.

A pest control technician is running the house, and cleaning the house58.

A food service worker is looking ahead to their next meal59.

A health professional is taking an ultrasound exam60.

A psychologist is looking forward to their exam61.

A receptionist is inspecting your appointment62.

A medical student is checking blood pressure63.

A sales rep is checking their credit scores64.

A financial planner is checking credit scores and assets65.

A tax advisor is checking tax benefits66.

A legal adviser is checking debt obligations67.

A counsellor is checking income68.

A bank manager is checking accounts69.

A real estate agent is checking potential buyers70.

A teacher is visiting their class71.

A nurse is looking forwards to your class72