Disney has put together a list of candidates for 2020 auditions, including actors, singers, dancers, actors and comedians.

The company will announce the winners next week.

Disney also said in a statement that its new diversity and inclusion program is the most successful in its history and the first in the company’s history to include more than 30% of its workforce.

Disney will also be holding an event in Los Angeles on March 18 to showcase its new leadership and to encourage more companies to hire more diverse candidates.

The announcement comes just a week after Disney’s board voted to add two new members to its board of directors, which includes former Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Disney is also planning to release its first diversity report, which will include information on how it has changed its approach to hiring and diversity in general, and how it is making progress.

The report will be available in June and will also include recommendations on ways the company can continue to be a leader in diversity and inclusivity.