Advertisements are everywhere in today’s fast-paced industry, and we’re all keen to make a quick buck.

The latest ad is a $30 million ad campaign from Apple.

If you don’t see the ad, it’s probably not worth your time.

Read more: Apple’s adverts are the best adverts on TV This ad features the Apple logo and says that the company is “bringing back the ad-free, no ads, no cost to you.”

It’s not just Apple.

Google and Amazon have all put ads on TV, too.

What can you do to tell the difference between an ad and an ad?

The answer is pretty simple.

The difference between the ads on a TV advert and the ads in an ad is often a difference in the quality of the ad itself.

If the ad is clear and doesn’t seem to have any distractions, that’s an ad, whereas if it’s too cluttered and repetitive and you’re expecting something different, that may be an ad you don