A group of Australian fraudsters have hijacked a Spanish-language website to try and defraud customers of up to $1,400.

The group of crooks have managed to convince Spanish-speaking users of a fake audit website called Audit in Spanish, that the scammer is not an auditing company but a Spanish company.

They have managed, however, to trick a number of Spanish-speakers into clicking on links to the fraudulent website and accepting the terms and conditions.

The scammer has managed to deceive a number Spanish-spoken users into clicking links to a fraudulent website, including a page that has the word audit in Spanish as a landing page, according to Australian Financial Press reporter Peter Ryan.

According to the auditing firm that runs the site, it has been created by the same people behind the scam, and the company says the website was created to deceive auditors.

“The audit in spain is a fraud and we have never received any money or money-back guarantee from this fraudster,” Audit in spanias audit service director Carlos Barroso told ABC News in a statement.

“The auditing website is in no way affiliated with the auditors of audit in europe.”

The company said the website has been “scammed for a while” and they have removed the link and have since removed the fraudulent site from their website.

Mr Barrose said that the audited website has now been taken down.

He said that Audit in Spain has since shut down its services and will no longer be accepting auditing clients.

If you have any information that might assist with the investigation, contact Crime Stoppers.