An American Idol contestant’s auditions for a leading role in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel have been cancelled, casting director John Sorenson told Al Jazeera.

Sorennsson told the website the casting process was terminated due to concerns over the actor’s health.

In June, the actor, who is playing a US army colonel, told the Hollywood Reporter he had been undergoing tests at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles.

He had been placed on an anti-recording list, and the Los Angeles VA Hospital did not allow him to participate in auditions.

“I had some tests done last week and it was negative,” Sorensson said.

“It was pretty bad, but I got back to work and everything was fine.”

A spokeswoman for the US military did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sorensson’s remarks.

The Grand Vegas Hotel was filmed in Los Angelos and will be released on 20 March.

In an interview with TMZ in July, the actress revealed she had been given a cast recording of the film and was cast to play the role of the commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Vonnegut.

“That’s the thing, I’m still going to be there,” Vonnegutt said in the interview.

“You know what?

It’s not like I’m going to walk away from that.

It’s just like, I love it.

I love the people who are involved with it.

It just feels right.

And I can’t imagine anybody else doing anything like it.

And that’s what this movie is about, and I know that it will make a lot of people very happy.”