The U.S. government is now hiring for more than 100 new jobs in cyber security, homeland security and other fields, as President Trump ramps up the war on terrorism.

The job postings, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, were made public on Wednesday and said more than 400 of the jobs would be “forensic auditors,” who have expertise in analyzing data and “intercepting and interpreting malware.”

The FBI, which runs the nation’s cyber defenses, is recruiting about 4,300 new employees in cybersecurity, homeland defense and homeland security, and another 5,400 for a cyber-operations unit.

The CIA is also hiring for cybersecurity, the White House said.

In all, about 200 of the job postings will go to employees with experience in cyber-related fields, such as cyber-espionage, security auditing, malware analysis, malware penetration testing and malware threat detection.

The job postings were made available to the public as part of a push to get more cybersecurity professionals into the nations security workforce.

The White House also announced new positions in cyber intelligence and cyber operations.

The Cyber Intelligence Group is recruiting cybersecurity professionals with cybersecurity experience and expertise to assist the CIA and the National Security Agency, as well as to conduct cyber-infrastructure analysis and malware forensics, the statement said.

The Department of Homeland Security also is recruiting for a new cyber-security unit and for a workforce development program that aims to train cybersecurity professionals.