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Safeway Elevator is one of the growing Company in Pune Elevator market. Established in 2017 essentially in the business of maintenance of elevators. Safeway Elevator soon took to install, maintain and modernize a wide range of elevators.
Today Safeway Elevator provides Gearless, machine Room- less Elevator for automobile Elevators & passenger Elevators, along with standard Passenger, Freight, Hospital, and Hydraulic Home Lifts.
Safeway elevators Has successfully installed various elevators in residential projects in Pune market.
The concept of service at Safeway elevator is much more than carrying out monthly service and attending break downs. The focus is on nurturing customer relation over the entire life of the equipment.
The company has a call centre with computerised call registration & tracking software Capable of generating informative reports Witch leads to constant improvement in systems and processes within the organization.
Our service Centers are manned by highly trained and competent teams of technicians and Engineers who constantly strive to fulfill the changing needs of our customers.


Our Vision 

Our   vision   is   to   provide   maximum   benefit   to   our   customers   and   to   cater   to   Service   with   the   continuous   innovation   in   Technology.   Company   has achieved leadership status in the Elevator  industry.

Our   mission   to   meet   challenges   in   industry   with   solutions   made   by   Innovation,   Ability   and experience has perfected our products and widen the range of machinery, and services provided  by us.

About Safeway Elevators 

Safeway Elevators has been established to serve an elevators industry with modern, safe, cost effective, quality and lasting solutions for elevators installations, Maintenance. Safeway Elevators has been emerged from the qualified technical & engineering team ….

We Started working in elevator industries since 1998.We have started now giving services & Installations to all type of elevators….

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